How To Talk About Money, Sex, and The Kids Without A Fight
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Get Paid to Be Yourself is an 8-week online and group coaching income acceleration “club” for ambitious female entrepreneurs and executives who want to make money, make a difference and get paid for being them self!
What’s Included:
  • Members Only Online Training Platform – Get the Business Education You Should Have Received with 8 Powerhouse Online Training Modules that Give You Tools to Improve Confidence, Clarity, Image + Style, Communications, Speaking, Business + Personal Relationships and Making Sales in A Non-Icky Way. 
  • Bi-Weekly Live Group Call: (4) Teaching + Q & A with Shasta herself on all topics in Get Paid to Be Yourself Program so you can get your questions answered and experience and coaching opportunities to break through blocks and create results. Calls will be recorded and available to you in the members area.
  • ​Insider Techniques from Seasoned Professionals (Two Special Surprise Guests) – learn success secrets from female experts and influencers who share “insider” information on how to get paid to be yourself. These guests can include experts in branding, personal style, marketing and social media influencing – for Get Paid to Be Yourself members only. 
  • Game Changing Connections - Members Only Sisterhood Support Facebook Group – connect with other heart-focused, whip-smart women and gain your own personal cheering section, coven of female geniuses and connectors and safe sounding board thanks to our closed group that is curated to facilitate your success. 
  • Personal Support - The Mentor You’re Seeking - Shasta also provides a safe sounding board and place of feedback and support through the Facebook group where she gives daily personalize coaching and feedback on your ideas, strategies and even mishaps. 
If you’re looking for an expert to personally
show you exactly how to GROW your INCOME
by BEING YOU, then this is it!
$297 Early Bird Price to March 14, 2020
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Live Coaching Starts April 2020
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
"I Saw A 30% INCREASE In Income In My First Month. "
I went from struggling and striving to ease and growth in a matter of a week! This gave me permission to want more, expect more, to experiment with my ideas and to trust and love myself. 

—Dr. Sarah Baxter, Chiropractor
You’re a “hidden gem” who dreams of more, but…
  • you sometimes apologize, keep it polite, small and, maybe, even hide…
  • ​you have more to share but don’t know how or feel afraid of rocking the boat...
  • ​you’re spinning your wheels and not getting results…
  • ​you see others in the spotlight and wonder, “When’s my turn?”…
  • ​you want to be a fearless as J-Lo (at 50, swinging from a stripper pole…ok maybe, no stripper pole, but a little more fearless!)
  • You’ll learn in only 60 days what it would take you years (or even decades) to learn otherwise.
  • Like how to make value added offers that pay you more, how to create win-win partnerships, how to land high-paying clients that want what you have or how to get promoted at work by using your voice more effectively, and how to execute visibility campaigns to achieve your goals (no more hiding) — and become a woman who is literally paid to be herself.
  • You’ll make game-changing connections.
  • You’ll be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneur colleagues who are investing big in themselves and building their own powerhouse vision – these are the kind of powerhouse women you’ll want to join forces with!

  • You’ll take your self image to a whole new level.
  • You’ll get the tools to grow a wildly successful and profitable business that is in alignment with who are and your inherent “magic”! Learn what your personal brand style is both in person and online and make a “prosperous” impression that has people clamouring to work with you.

  • You’ll receive high-level coaching directly from Shasta 
  • This opportunity is the first of its kind to receive coaching direct from Shasta in an ongoing supportive, action-packed journey of learning and real accountability to get things done.    
  • You’ll walk away with a specific plan for taking your business to the next level (that feels “right”)
  • We’ll work through your plans, goals, and dreams together and hash out actionable strategies you can implement right away – that feel in line with your dreams, goals and personality – no more pushing or hiding.
"Exceeding My Income Goals & Really Living"
"Before working with Shasta I was stressed, confused and on the brink of burn out. Now, I am crystal clear on my purpose, exceeding my income goals and I am REALLY LIVING."

—Erin Skitch, RMT + Wellness Entrepreneur
"53% Increase in Sales!!!"
"As a multi-business entrepreneur and busy mom, I was feeling scattered, unsure where to focus and if I could grow my business without sacrifice. Shasta provided me with mindset shifts and clarity that helped me release overwhelm and create a clear plan.
She helped me grow as a leader and I saw a 53% increase in income from this business within the first month! 

I felt truly seen, heard and supported. Shasta’s unique blend of mindset training, knowledge of universal success laws and ability to draw from her own experience with owning multiple successful businesses, has created a super effective coaching style and I highly recommend her."

—-Shawna Fujiki, One More Bead CEO 
"Made My Monthly Income in ONE DAY!"
The first month of coaching with Shasta, I also happened to be heading on holidays to Europe for 3 weeks and I was stressing about “taking a hit” to my income. 

But with her coaching and support, several amazing things immediately happened… 

First off, I was able to finally realize my Soul Purpose, and how to even step into my calling on a bigger scale. 

In addition, Shasta gave me a specific focus & immediate steps on how I can support my clients on a deeper level and in turn how I can make more money right away doing so (I learned it does NOT have to be “hard”). That month even though I was away for most of it, I ended up making my average monthly business income in ONE SINGLE DAY.

Since then I have not only had more and more opportunities knocking at my door, but every month my income increases! I am on track now to triple my income within the next two months. 

—Jennifer Sisson
Get Paid to Be Yourself 
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$297 Early Bird Price to March 14, 2020 midnight EST
SAVE $1,000 
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$497 Premiere Price is March 15 – April 30, 2020 
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$1,297 – Regular Price as of 
May 2020
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($125 to Paid Now, then $125 paid 30 Days and 60 Days later.)
Women Should Be Wealthy + Seen!
  • Imagine if the wealth of the world was in the hands of enlightened women!
  • ​Imagine holding a room captive just by showing up and being YOU. 
  • ​Imagine stepping onto more stages, having a rolodex of powerhouse connections and network of helping hands that promote you because they love your “secret sauce”.
  • ​Imagine your daughter (or son) calling you their #1 superhero – not because you’re “sooooo busy” or “nice” but because of your confidence, clear boundaries and radiance – perhaps they wouldn’t grow up with some much self-doubt about what they’re allowed to be, do or have! 
  • ​Imagine feeling both determined and desired – no more apologies or insecurities when it comes to business, money, love or sex – as you lovingly embrace, allow and unleash that gorgeous women within…
…let’s unleash her, together
You already have "magic" inside of you. I'll just you help pull it out.
I’m Shasta Townsend – Corporate Escapee, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author and Success Mentor

I’ve had a high-flying corporate career, created multiple companies, written best-sellers, spoken world-wide and been blessed to help thousands of women unravel their personal recipe for internal and external success.

I use to be plagued by self-doubt, feel like a bitch and tried to “be nice”- but once learned to powerfully offer my gifts, authentically network and hold my value, everything changed…
  • My income TRIPLED - I went over 7-figures in less than 6-months when I’d been struggling at the same income level for 10-years! 
  • My self-doubt disappeared - I found the courage to write a book (that became an instant best-seller), I speak around the world, I have wonderful network of powerhouse women and I am no longer “playing small” or feeling I need to apologize for my voice. 
  • ​My marriage (and sex life) improved – Maybe, because I felt more self-assured, but my sex life drastically improved and my husband and I went from feeling like roommates to best friends (and lovers who woke the neighbors!)
If you want to feel free and live the life you deserve, this is your next best step.
Modules – The Business Education We Should’ve Received!
1.Getting Your Dream Done Visionary Roadmap
Get clear. Get focused. Get accountable. Get paid!

The ultimate in self-agency and freedom is choosing what we really want – what we want to create, how we want to feel, how much money we wish to make and how we want to do that.

So, we begin by creating a clarity roadmap for you and diving into the strategic actions and success mindsets to make it a reality. This is not a cookie cutter recipe, but one that comes from your “secret” dreams, wishes and goals.

You’ll get clear on:
  • ​We will determine HOW your business is an extension of Divine intelligence and can help you unleash more of YOU, while you serve others and make more money. 
  • ​What business you are really in and what you’re really offering – most biz people think they know, but they are often surprised to hear what business they are really in!
  • ​What your programs, services and offers should be to help others, ensure you get paid well, and also are meeting your own business and lifestyle goals 
  • ​Find out if you are under-selling yourself or “leaking” cash – many female leaders are not as prosperous and profitable as they could be for one key reason – and I will help you uncover it and stop it.
2. Breaking Free of “Hard” – Subconscious Success Programming  
Much of what we have been told about success is illogical, earnest and just plain wrong.

It’s left us working harder, but it’s not paying off.

In addition, we have our own stories about what we’re allowed to be, do and have that leaves us feeling stuck, guilty and overwhelmed.

This is a Success Block – and it’s not about working harder – it’s about learning to reprogram your mind.

You can learn to break through this, fast!

In this module, you’ll learn:
  • How to identify your own Success Blocks blind-spot (yes, you have ‘em!). 
  • ​​Understand HOW they form and what to do about them. 
  • ​How to overcome the common ones about money, success, female leadership and work/life balance. 
  • Learn to reprogram your brain for easeful success, prosperity and happiness. 
  • ​Master how to identify Success Blocks in others, including your team so you are not a victim of other’s blind-spots – this is a great skill for coaches to master too!
You’ve never seen anything like this...

Break through your Success Blocks and program your mind and LIFE for success!
3. Authentic Attraction - Your Personal Brand Style and Image 
If you’re trying to “fit in”, then you’ll never be a success. #truthbomb

Most of us try to “blend in”, and that is a big mistake! 

Discover YOUR personal brand style to truly show up both in person and online in a way that feels authentic, prosperous and easeful, while at the same time unique and compelling.

In this module you’ll understand:
  • What brand really is and why it’s more than a logo and color palette.
  • ​What your personal brand and why this is so important – this is separate from your business btw.  
  • ​Why you need a prosperous image that literally attracts the right clients, opportunities and income to you.
  • Why it’s not just about being a certain weight or body size but about authentically aligning to your ideal outcome (regardless of body shape, size or weight!). 
4. Bringing Sexy Back – The Magnetic Woman 
Femininity, sensuality, sex – words that can feel triggering and confusing, especially in a work setting.

However, the most prosperous women in the world have learned to bring their magnetic feminine self to business and thus make boatloads of money – including Sara Blakely, Oprah and Beyonce. 

But, women have been shammed into hiding or denying aspects of ourselves.

Most of us have no idea what feminine magnetism means or looks like in a professional setting. Not to mention we feel we must look, act and sound “professional” AKA like robots, and this means we lose our authenticity and MAGNETISM. 

We may also be working with trauma, shame and guilt and have mixed feelings about our bodies, our sexuality and even our womanhood. 

In this powerhouse module we’re taking sexy back! 

  • Learn the connection between sensuality and success, and define Feminine Magetism for yourself.
  • ​Discover the Magnetic Woman within and bring her forward for accelerated success at work and at home.
  • ​Learn how to attract opportunity, abundance and offers as you get your Magnetic Woman working for you.
  • “Own” your own brand of female expression, regardless of your past, your sexual orientation, your relationship status or your weight.
5. Money Magnetism for Women 
Money is a frequency. Money is a tool. Money is DIVINE!
There’s more money here for you than you’ve ever imagined, but we have to heal “money stories” and learn how to magnetize more of it in our life. It’s not woo-woo. It’s a science. 

The truth is making more money is also an “inside” job.

In this module you’ll learn:
  • The Ancient Success Laws of Money Creation and Abundance that have been “hidden” from you until now!
  • ​How to translate your Personal Brand and Passions to Create New levels of Wealth in an Authentic Way
  • ​Understand Universal Laws including Law of Vibration to Get Money Moving Towards You, Quickly. 
  • Heal money stories and feel free for more success than ever before.
6. Win Stages, Partnerships and Opportunities by Being You! 
This is your chance to really learn how to go from “best-kept-secret” and “hidden gem” to industry leader and influencer…without feeling phony or pushy. 
There is an easeful, juicy and meaningful way to create win-win partnerships, get on great stages, podcasts and media platforms, and more….that few women ever attempt. 

This is not about becoming someone else or going to a 1,000 networking events (that you hate anyway!)

In this module you’ll learn:
  • What you might be doing that’s repelling people and what to do instead.
  • ​How to make authentic connections and create win-win partners who promote you because they love you. 
  • ​Successful Networking Secrets (from an Introvert) that will land you connections and CASH! - my proven “script” to connect with others that makes them want to help you, promote you and buy from you. 
  • Learn the #1 thing most women get wrong when networking or creating partnerships, and what to do instead.
7. Be Seen and Heard - Social Media that Works for Women 
Social media skills are essential for success in business now. The business landscape is forever changed, but many of us either shy away from social media, feel overwhelmed or are not doing it well.
We actually hide, confuse or repel our ideal clients. Yikes! 

And, it’s not about just creating pretty grids or posting 100 times a day. 

In this module you’ll learn:
  • What “voice” you need to own to attract, influence and engage your ideal clients.
  • ​How to create and post efficiently and successfully without overwhelm including technology programs to make this easy.
  • ​What you should be posting and HOW to post in order connect with ideal clients and supporters.
  • Why it’s actually not about the number of followers or likes you get but about this THING that matters.
8. The Psychology of Selling - Sales Mastery Every Woman Needs
Women are actually naturally gifted at sales, but most women avoid sales because they being pushy or sleazy.
But, sales is the lifeblood of business, and is the #1 way to create more cash flow AND help more people. 

It’s about understanding one key psychological aspect of sales – that you have already!!!

When you bring it to the surface and master this, you’ll see instant income acceleration and you’ll help more people.

In this module you’ll learn:
  • What Sales really is and how to change your mindset about selling so you WANT to do it.
  • ​​The #1 reason people actually buy from you, and the #1 reason they don’t!
  • How to overcome objections, without getting triggered, and sell more than you’ve ever done before.
  • A sales script that allows you to simply connect with people and determine how to actually help them without being pushy, sleazy or icky. 
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
100% Guarantee
I 100% guarantee that this program will cause you to think about yourself in powerful ways and to take actions in your life and business unlike you ever have before. I 100% guarantee it will lead you to gain awareness, to grow as a woman, and to break old stories which no longer serve you, your business or your family. I 100% guarantee that you will become remarkably more aware of where you’re choosing lack over abundance in your life, where you’re hiding and you could be shining, and how to make enormous progress at shifting limiting stories, as well as what you believe you can be, do or have as a woman. If you follow what I teach and share, I 100% guarantee that you will see enormous results in your life, business and self.
All that being said: I also 100% expect that perhaps at some point during this process of personal growth, you may disagree with me & my teachings. If this occurs: My request to you is that you reach out to me and my team for help via email at so that we may address your questions personally. And if you still disagree, simply alert my team within 30 days of purchase, and they will promptly refund your purchase in full. So, no matter which way you slice it: There is ZERO RISK FOR YOU.

"What if I miss one of the group coaching calls? 
Is this still worthy my time?"
A: Of course, first you have access to ALL our information in this course which alone would be well worth the investment.

And there are 4 weeks of coaching calls so even if you attend ONE call that is worth getting your questions answered and moving forward with clarity and ease.
(I usually charge close to $2,000/hour for coaching btw.)

Finally, all calls will be recorded. So even if you miss a call, you can listen in after.

Calls are conducted on Zoom and all members will receive special access and invitations as well as the opportunity to get questions answered and receive mentoring from Shasta.
"What if I have other questions about the program?"
A: You can send your questions to
"What's the cost of the program?"
A: This is a power-packed program which is priced well below the value of the transformation you will get in yourself and business.
I want you to do this program, so we have priced it as follows:
• $297 Early Bird Price to March 14, 2020 midnight EST SAVE $1,000
• $497 Premiere Price is March 15 – April 30, 2020 SAVE $800
• $1,297 – Regular Price as of May 2020

"Do you have a payment plan?"
A: Yes. You can get started with the full pay of only $297 today or make 3 payments of $125.
Get started with payment #1 today of $125. Then make payment #2 of $125 30-days from registration, and make payment #3 of $125 60 days from now.

Consider the cost of NOT investing in yourself and your business. Can you really afford to stay the same?

What Happens When You Work with Me  
"No Longer Stopping Myself!"
"I am clear on what I am here to do, and I am doing it!
I feel like I finally did the university degree I needed.
I listened to Shasta’s advice, and I am seeing the results – fast.
I overcame ways I stopped myself in the past,
and literally feel like a new person."

—Kirsty Laverty,Yoga Teacher
"Practical Tools + Personal Confidence to Surpass Goals"
"After working with Shasta, I have the practical tools and personal confidence to make this my best year yet – including a solid strategic plan to expand, and surpass my income goals. I’m not just dreaming but am now achieving!

—Michelle Winterburn,Michelle Winterburn Coaching
"Making a Living Doing What I Love!"
"Working with Shasta gave me the courage to chase my dreams, the confidence to execute strategic steps, and the faith to know my business will succeed. I’m making a living doing what I love!

—Meghan Pherrill,Balance By Meghan
"Monumental Breakthrough + Business Growth"
"Working with Shasta has helped me become more confidence and break through life-long barriers.

She holds the space for growth and accountability which meant a 25% growth in revenue and it continues!

My business grows each time I dive in deeper with her. I would recommend her coaching to anyone who wants monumental breakthroughs in their business”

—Carly Smith,Strong Roots Yoga
"Doubled My Income in One Month!"
"Before working with Shasta, I was not making any progress in my side job – teaching Yoga and had inconsistent income. Coaching with Shasta gave me confidence, clarity and the blueprint to promote my teaching with a mindset of service. I was able to double my yoga income within the first month! Shasta helped me make it natural and fulfilling. It wasn't that hard at all. And I had a profound mindset change – I have become an entrepreneur!

—Jasmin Ma
"Left My Draining Job + Identified My Path Thanks to Coaching with Shasta"
"Before working with Shasta, I was confused and feeling very stuck. I was working a job that had me chained to a desk with zero fulfillment that was actually making me sick. Coaching with Shasta gave me confidence, direction and drive to move toward living in my purpose. I was able to step away from that draining job and into creating a career that I am excited and passionate to get up every morning and work towards. By making these incredible shifts that Shasta helped me to identify, I have moved onto a clearer path. It feels so incredible and energizing to be making these changes. Shasta’s coaching and guidance has been irreplaceable and I am very grateful for her insight and light in my life.

—Kristy Flaxman
"Enjoying the Juiciness of Life"
"Having Shasta as a teacher has been an amazing experience. She has helped me reclaim a lost piece of myself. I have developed tools to help me enjoy all the juiciness of life and discover my own worthiness. Most incredibly I know that I am powerful and Divine.

—Dr. Sarah Baxter, Chiropractor + Wellness Advocate
"I Am So Glad I Overcame My resistance, Trusted You and Did This!"
"You made it easy! Creating a great relationship is not Mt.Everest. You gave me hope and so many tools. I can’t believe that in only three months things are so different. We are connected. We’re having fun together. We’re talking about things with ease that we use to argue about and we are even planning our future including a potential business together! I am so glad I did not give up. I am so glad I overcame my resistance, trusted you and did this!

—Sara Best, Nutritionist + Emotional Eating Coach
"My Relationship Shifted Profoundly!"
“Thank Goddess I reached out to Shasta instead of walking away or closing doors due to my own fear. We are now back on track and I feel more solid and bonded in our relationship than ever. In my own heart and mind, I keep coming back to what I’ve learned from Shasta, and my relationship continues to get better and better!”

—Michelle Leath, Live + Eat Fearlessly
"From Hoping to HAVING the Relationship I Want"
"Shasta has laser-like precision and a heart of gold!
With one question Shasta changed the energy and outcome of the central dilemma in my marriage. The result? I went from hoping to HAVING what I want in my relationship. Dreams do come true!”

—Amira Alvarez, Quantum Leap Coaching
"Coaching with her was truly one of the best decisions I have ever made!"
"Her mentorship has given me the confidence and the roadmap to create the life I want for myself and my family. She helped me create a clear path to do what I love and create great income doing it. I am getting ready to move into my business full-time.

—Kathia Fonseka, Parenting Expert + Child Wellness Mentor
"Only 6-Months! Major Success and Income Already"
"Before I met Shasta, I was confused about my true purpose and feeling stuck in a J O B.
I was dissatisfied and frustrated but did not know what to do. Shasta helped me break limiting stories which allowed me to see my purpose and how to monetize it.”

—Lisa Ingram
"Dissolving Barriers To Love"
"When I signed up for Shasta’s coaching it was my intention to explore my barriers to love.

After working with Shasta my life has unfolding in a way that allows me to feel the presence of the Universe touching my heart and allow my grace, compassion, love and acceptance. 

The man I am now dating said, “Do I get to see your pretty face today?” I think that is a movement in the right direction to dissolving the barriers to love. Thank you, Shasta”

—Denise Lampron,
"From Divorce to Deep Love, Again"
"A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It is hard to believe all the changes that have happened in just a few weeks of working with Shasta. I am so glad I did this.
I did not know my partner felt the same way, but Shasta taught me how to actually listen and be heard. Now, we both have the tools we need to be successful together. It feels amazing. I am so glad I did not give up.”

—Gloria Ogston
"Finding My Sexuality Again, After Sexual Abuse"
"Shasta's insight into intimacy and intention have helped me tremendously on my journey to healing my sexuality after sexual abuse. WOW!

—Angela Stoner, The Vagina Dialogues Podcast
"Way More Than Expected! Deeper Connecting = More Opportunities"
"I gained insight and growth that I wasn’t expecting.
Amazing opportunities are popping up in all areas of my life thanks to all I learned with Shasta. I realize the importance of connecting to myself and my partner in order to create the life I want. I let go of needing to fit a certain “role” which totally freed me. Thank you Shasta."

—Deanna Gutierrez, Wellness Advocate + Entrepreneur
© Copyright 2020  - All Rights Reserved, Shasta Townsend